Fett triangle forhead marks


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I have always wondered if in fact the two triangle (play button) shapes on Fetts helmet are from something rather then painted indentions. They seemed to be raised, or at least equal on the movie used helmet. Are there good shots of that part of the helmet from the Behind the Magic exhibit. I know Studio Creations has some good shots but not of that part. :confused

DL44 Blaster

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They are definitely indentations. If you go to "TDH's" Reference picture archive you'll see the extremely high res. pics. from AOSW and MOM where the indentations are there.



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Maybe they're mood lights. Depending on the wearer's mood, one or the other lights up. Or maybe I shouldn't post this early.

Tyler Durden

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They are just triangular indentations in the helmet with no lights or electronic backing.