Fett symbol(s) tutorial(no need for decals!)



I seem to keep seeing people wanting to purchase decals, or obtain them some way. I found a very easy way to take care of applying the symbols that only requires about 40 minutes to an hour and a half of light work.
your gonna need an x-acto knife, a correctly sized sheet of paper w/ the symbol on it (multiple sheets if your doing the chest plate symbol), first cut out one color of the symbol one one sheet(the next color on the next etc etc)(for the bantha skull take out the whole thing) do this as accurately as possible because this is a guideline. Next trace the symbol patterns onto about a 6"x6" piece of posterboard(worked nice for me) and continue the same process of cutting for the poster board(take a considerable amount of time doing this, make sure its nice and clean, no burrs of paper, smooth edges etc) once this is done, just conform the symbol to the appropriete place on the armour and spray with the correct colour(your going to have to take some time and line up the chest symbol properly, not a hard concept at all, and it worked really well for me, i'll get some pics up as soon as i get them. I'm suyre someone already pioneered this area, but i see lots of people buying decals....well thats my two cents.
thanks for your time
I was thinking about painting the symbols on my armor. not a bad way to make a template. Does anyone have vector art of the symbols, or a high res. jpeg or tif they could send me?
I have vector art of the chest symbol and ROTJ skull. I'm going to make an ESB skull soon. I can post a PDF which retains the vector information, but can be opened in illustrator to edit the actual bezier points. (Not that you'd need to)



  • ESB Skull.pdf
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  • ROTJ Skull.pdf
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