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Ok, how to start this, this helmet is a nightmare! It is made from rubber, so it can withstand heavy damage and will not shatter on impact. BUT! It is rubber, and rubber is 'bendy' so be sure that this is what you want before buying it (I was not aware of this when I bought the bucket, so my bad... the helmet is made by Ala Carte, a firm located in Germany). The first picture shows it as it is shown on a store's website, and the following three show what it really was when it came from post. It was AWFULLY distorted... With a sigh, I resigned to straighten the bucket and into the oven it went... 200 degrees celcius for a few minutes, and then straight to cold shower to set the heated rubber (yes, I know, a cold shower with your bucket... Hey, we all have our 'Boba'fetishes...). The last three shots show what it looks after this treatment. It still needs SERIOUS care from a heatgun (and afterwards, again, cold shower) and most likely a strenghtening of some kinf to fix it in shape and to keep it in it after it is done... All this even before it is primed... If only... after seeing the cardboard helmet, all this seems futile, but I am determined to get this bucker finished... But will propably set my mind on upgrading to fiberglass one in the future...

Helmet 0.jpg

Helmet 1.jpg

Helmet 2.jpg

Helmet 3.jpg

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its ok if you have a thin head:facepalm

keep us posted on your progress. I think it is bad how these companies advertise one thing and give you something else (a bit like a certain burger chain i can think of :lol: )

good luck

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Yeah, it really is going to be some work to get this bucket turned into a decent one... But, if nothing else, this will be a good chance to practice the paint jobs for somewhat better helmet that invariably will be mine... And, I might add, it does make a rather nice birthday or christmast present for someone... By the way, I found another shop that is selling what seems to be similar bucket that I got, but the picture in the shop's web site shows the item somewhat more correctly. I DO HAVE TO ASK, WHO IN HELL WOULD PAY 75 bucks for a piece of **** as shown below!!! Quote from the store; High quality Boba Fett hard mask officially licensed from Star Wars.Collector's quality $74.94 USD/Each


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Isn't that the Rubies standard edition? Looks just like it.

Can't really say if that's the rubies version or not, but I can definately say that this bucket is not worth the effort.. As I stated previously, I have baked it in the oven couple of times allready, and even if I get it to correct form (or somewhere near it..), the bloody rubber seems to 'remember' it's previous form, and after couple of days in the table, the helmet is back in it's narrow form... Well, I needed to practice the paintjob before really getting into the work (I've read your posts on the required paints, but as I don't live in the U.S. I don't have ready access to these particular paints... I'll have to buy some that are available, and then see how they work out... Luckily this bucket provides decent base to try them on... AND I REEEEAAALLLY did NOT pay 75 bucks for this!!!!

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I say turn it upside down, glue some straps on it and sell it as an original StarWars designer purse. Hmm, what other uses might there be for a POS helmet? I have one at home too...
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PM'd ya... I might be able to help ya get some of that cash back. Just depends on what the earcaps/RF/stalk are like on that beast. ;)

Here are the pictures of the only decent part of the ala carte bucket, the rangefinder and the stalk are made from hard plastic, and are fairly accurate. The whole thing measures, from the upper ear piece to the top of the rangefinder, 8.8 inches or 22.4 cm. It can be brought down and up, just as it should be.. the earcap and the rangefinder are 4 cm or 1.6 inches wide.

ranger 1.jpg

ranger 2.jpg

ranger 3.jpg

ranger 4.jpg

ranger 5.jpg


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OUCH, that is definitely a bucket that brings a tear to my eyes. I hope you can get your money back, and then get a good fiberglass helmet at a good price. I wish you luck.

Oh and that second pic of the other helmet, I would say that is some unique battle damage, like a Gammorrean punch or a rancor playing with its food.