Fett Blasters and trades....Who is still owed what?


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Coming up on the end of the year and my work is hopefully going to slow down a tad after the New Year. We will be working the holidays minus Christmas Day. My interest is who is still owed. I will check my PMs in a week or so on Christmas when I am off work. Thanks for being patient. Just PM me if we had a trade in the works.

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Here is a picture of the EE-3 ESB version 2 and the EE-3 ROTJ version 1. The ESB version 2 ready to go aside from me not having any time to make it yet. The ROTJ is just waiting on the scope which will be done by the weekend. I don't have pictures of the guns painted. These are raw rubber parts. They look much better painted....I know.

The ESB version 2 has a couple changes to it. The scope has been remolded for better detail. The scope mounts have been remade and remolded for a better fit and are now separate from the scope. The scope mount bands have been remade and remolded completely. There is now a disc under the V-8 swing arm.

The ROTJ has been molded from a master of the Webley. HandSchaub loaned us the Webley to mold this orignally. The barrel was molded on the gun. It was made by Ken "Elvis Trooper". The nozzle is separate from the barrel and is put on after to hide the pour spout of the part. All fins are molded and cast separately. The scope and risers are almost complete. The stock details are molded and cast separately to ensure good detail. There is some thing on the gun. I have no idea what the hell it is but it is also molded separately. I think that's it.

There are more pictures on the website.



Go here for more pictures...
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We are still working 7 days a week right now but we look like we might get a couple weeks of a normal schedule at the first of the year. We have literally not had a day off in 4 weeks. We will have Christmas day off and New Year Day and that's it. Ugh. I'm beat.

I am hopefully back on schedule as far as my side Star Wars B.S. props once I get a couple days off.
Thanks. Okay. I cleared out my PM box. If I owe you something, Please title it "YOU OWE ME BIG TIME!". That way I can tell who is who. Thanks. LOL

Before I do anything new, I have to take care of my old trades and such.

...those pics do look like crap...what are you trying to pawn off on us! ;)

...folks you will not be disappointed at all with these...top notch :cheers

Lewis :lol:
John's work speaks for itself, unequivocally the best artwork of this medium I have ever seen.(y)

He's up to his ears in work at the moment, but I know he'll deliever the goods to who he owes because he's a good guy who doesn't go back on his promises.:)
:eek: (y) HOW MUCH (y)

You haven´t answered my mail yet, so I still don´t know, if I want this or wait for the cheaper COLLECTORS EDITION from MR.

This is soooo awesome
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