General Fett Back Armour? Which is right?


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Alot of these patterns are great for eye-balling armor for size, but since some of the pieces are semi-spherically curved, it's hard to get a paper pattern to conform to curved plastic (for instance, try laying a piece of paper flat on a basketball).

Some people on the board have had great results with Sintra plastic, heating and curving the plastic to the desired shape. When I tried it, I didn't have such luck. Some have even perfected pulling the heated plastic down over molds, thereby getting the slight spherical curve.

The original armor pieces were vacuformed plastic, so that's what I use.

The back armor is probably the worst offender of the curved pieces, as it curved around the back, as well as over the shoulders. Personally, I think it's impossible to get the correct curvature without going the vacuforming route (although some have come very close!).

The best picture I can think of for Boba's back armor is from the black-and-white picture in the Star Wars Chronicles, where all the armor is laid out. I don't have the link handy, but you see the bottom opening for the jet pack attachment.