Fett and Luke... same tailor??


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i don't know if this is complete crap or just funny, but do Fett and Luke have teh same tailor????

and was this mentioned before??

Tailor: "and what will it be this time Mr. Skywalker?"

Luke "Well I kind of like his jumpsuit aswell, a green one to fit my saber ofcourse."

The ribbed section, wich on Fett is mostly covered by his shoulder bell, is the same stichin as Lukes snowjacket.:D so maybe theres a trendy setter in the starwars universe aswell...or Luke just wanted to be cewl after his dopey appearance in peasant clothes from ANH... god he saved a princes and blew up the d eath star in a peasant outfit.... then he encountered Fett somewhere between ANW an ESB an wants to be like em...he's so freakin jealous he slashes Fett's gun in 2... even after Fett spared him in ESB... Luke's a jealous bastard... 8)
funny.... i swore i saw in a new hope where the orange jumpsuits of the x-wing pilotshad the same double sleeves at fetts, before they put on the vest
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