fanboy's progress


i've got a lot of the painting done. now to do the back, which i'm dreading. i started it yesterday, i'm going to do some of it layered. i put a new coat of aluminum on yesterday and will mask that off tonight. these are all the progress pics i took, so far. i didn't see the point in taking a ton of pics of the helmet mostly covered in tape and newspaper. :p i left the 2 small pieces in the visor until my new visor goes in. i ordered one of the newer darker ones from it appears to be darker than the originals compared to the side by side that mrgr8ness did. it is a bit long for my '96 dp, i can take care of that, but it is otherwise a perfect fit. so, here it is for now, i put a lot of the scratches on over the weekend with paint pens, but still need to refine them, will get pics soon. i'm looking for a gray paint pen to do more on the scratches but haven't been able to find one, anyone know where i can go? i got the silver at Michael's, and ran them out of the ultra fine tip. the lid still needs a good weathering job, but i'm very pleased so far. keep in mind the flash lightens the colors.





here's some updated pics. i still have to fix some of the scratches with a smaller paint marker, do the gray around the scratches, fix some underspray spots and give it a good black wash. some of the pics have the flash and some don't, i tried to get the best lighting i could inside. let me know what you guys think of my first attempt.






i know it's not the right color. honestly, i thought it would look good with the yellow. it matches with the under coat on the armor and the kill stripes. and i thought it would make the green look a little darker compared to the bright yellow. i'm going to try to dull it down with a wash eventually.
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