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Hi all, ive been looking at Evolution props online and ebay .I have a jumpsuit in my watch list on ebay, they have sent me a deal with 20% off , has anyone experience with them and are they any good for the price ? $95 online ? Thanks


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There not bad tbh , it depends on the eventual outcome you want to achieve with your costume . I bought one originally but as my costume developed and evolved I realised the flight suit wouldn't surfice, and ended up upgrading to a more accurate version


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Thanks guys, i have contacted Arkady and there is obviously a long waiting list so was looking at options ;)
While I'm not sure of Arkady 's current wait time, I can tell you she is worth the wait. I ordered mine in January of 2020 and got it 6 months later. And as MinaFett said, a great lady that is not only a pleasure to deal with, but the work she does is outstanding!

I've also heard that Clothears is good too, but from what I'm told can be quite pricey - basically on the other end of the spectrum from Evolution Props.

Good luck on whomever you go with!