ESB vs RTOJ chest armor observation...

Boba Freekk

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since i have been working on attatching my ESB armor to my vest over the last week i have noticed some things:

-the ESB armor is not evenly spaced and actually looks crooked at times.

-the ESB breast and abdomen plates have less space beween them as compared to RTOJ.

-there are times where the left breatplate hangs lower.the promo shots of boba in a bespin corridor you can see it clearly.the deleted scene where boba is escorted by bespin guards to the slave 1 clearly shows this also.

thoughts??? may return to your regularly scheduled program...
These are all similar things I too noticed.After attaching my armor to my satisfaction modeling its layout from a B&W pic off of the Fett CD, I noticed how it basically just moves when you do.All of the different variations seem to me to just be from the way Jeremy was moving in the suit.

I agree with Streve on the armor movment. When I wear my armor, it basically moves when you move and thus making the differences in spacing.

I've made about 3 different vests for my armour now, & I have noticed it really makes a big difference in how the armour moves depending on how much padding is in the vest. My first vest was fairly heavily padded & the armour pretty much stayed exactly the same spacing as where I placed it. My latest vest has very little padding, which causes the vest to sag alot more & the armour pieces fit very close together & move alot more. I have also noticed that there seems to be more folds & creases in the ESB vest. Is it possible that the ROTJ vest is more heavily padded than ESB. It kinda looks that way too me. Just my 2 cents.
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