ESB visor crack, Done before or after filming?

Lynn TXP 0369

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Does anyone know if this crack was done before or after filming?
Any ideas?
Has anybody tried to replicate the ESB visor crack on their buckets?

I will be adding it to mine, replicated of coarse, not going to actually crack the bucket though.
I will probably scribe it in and smear a little epoxy over it too look like it has seeped out of the edges and on the surface like in the pic, the epoxy will yellow on it's own in time.

Lets see your pics if anyone else has tried it.

I painted my MHK ESB-style. Funny thing, is that when I took the old visor out to replace it, the paint cracked in that exact same location.

Must be a high-stress area...
From the photos I have seen, I do not believe it was cracked during ESB.



Now the pics aren't the best, so it's impossible to say anything definite.
Thanks for the pics, it dosn't look it. But like you said nothing definatly definative.

I think the crack makes it look more used though.

I think someone had taken it off good ole JB and took it back to costumes and looked at their watch and...OOPS!! Nice bucket on the pavement.
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