ESB to ROTJ gauntlet conversion...


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after the jet pack, it's now time to do the gauntlets...

heres the first step, putting on the correct flamethrower I had laying around, still in ESB colour scheme...

ESB flamethrower.JPG
now I got the basic colour on wich need to dry well, so I can continue tommorow I guess...

(colour is hand mixed and painted, maybe it doesn't show well on the pic, but it's pretty close to the MoM pics)

left basic colors.JPG

right basic colors.JPG
and the weathering... and now left is almost finished, some more silver scratches here and there and a caot of shining over the missile tip and then I guess it's done.

left completed.JPG
Awesome your a very good painter, your calc pad is backwards, you might not have noticed, and it doesnt really matter.
:D thnx people!!

yeah I did know cal, but when I got the kit I was a bit to scared to do anything with it, and the keypad didn't fit in the gauntlet if it were positioned correctly. I used the 2 "U" shaped incapes as reference, but since it fitted perfectly like this I was like... hmm, let's just leave it this way...

maybe I'll tear it off one day and put it on in the right position... It doesn't bother me at this point
hmm, why are there so many versions?

I think... I assume the heavily cracked one is a stunt double??
also notice the difference in cracks and silver spots, the one with the heavily cracked part on the right side is far less detailed... this is old news??

I also didn't quite figure the different COD piece on MoM and AOSW...

gauntlet difference.jpg
and what it should look like, camera made the red a bit more "powerfull" I'd like to think I got pretty close...

and here some of the components altered for the extra 2 hoses that are seen on the ROTJ gauntlets...

hose plans.JPG
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