ESB to ROTJ blaster conversion...


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well after the jet pack, cape, gauntlets and partially the flak vest.. it is now time for my scratch-build-ESB-blaster to go for it aswell.

not much to show yet, because my parents will be back next tuesday with the digi-cam, hope to have it all done by then.

anyway the main barrel (black part here) is lengthened a little longer, and the silver part was sawed off a few mm.

added the strips on the thing and some rubber rings.

and well... i think it looks ok.

also filled the stock...about to sand that so it won't look like wood anymore.

also going to scratch-build a scope, since the ******** who'd order it for me pulled my leg, and hee I was thinking he was a friend, anyways... more pics next week...


That looks terrific R Boba! What are you making that out of? Do you have shots of your raw component stage? It's coming along very impressively.

thnx :) , but it was not possible without TDH.

I used templates from WoL ( a member here), and plexi-glas was suggested to me by another member.

pretty dumb that I didnt figure that out myself, as I had worked with it before (my armor, shin tools etc)

anyways, i made a few sheets of it and some templates from the blue prints of the real webley gun from WoL... there it is, little fragile though.

It's becomming more fragile because of the extra weight that's being put on the barrel (with the extra pvc pipe, scope, strips etc etc...)

so I'm thinking of recasting my own work once it's finished, anyone have tips on that one?
finally... able to post some pics...

nor progress pics unfortunally, my parents had teh camera with them on their vacation...

anyways, primer is on, although it doesn't hold well to the rubber strips...

the right and left view...

the greeblies and scope are incredibly inaccurate but...I think it looks ok...

primer rechts.JPG

primer links.JPG
the scope are 2 flashlights glues together and the "greeblies" on the stock are joints for doors... uh... the strips (of wich 2 look very crued and uneven... well with paint it'll look like battle damage...) are car window uh.... dryers..?? how do you call that in english... things go ...left...right....left...right when it rains... :lol:

flash light scope.JPG


stock greeblie.JPG

wow, that it´s looking great!!!!! and you know? the strips in the mayory of the weapons(aca sabres) are made of car windowS dryers(I don´t know if that is the name...)
for the"greeblies", I use wire...........I put it flat with a hammer, and give the proper shape, and two washers ......
keep it upppp

:D hey that's a cool Idea!

maybe with my next blaster I'll do that, or go look for the real V8 parts ;)

thnx for the compliment :D
:D translating is always difficult, especially when it comes to things that you never really hear in movies or learn from english books :D
base color is on...

very basic, it's still way to shiny, no weathering what so ever...

it's not really black, it's a grey/red/blue like mix, looks kinda right to me, juding by the MoM pics anyways.

tommorow I'm gonna wash on some colours, from red to silver and do the brown rust thingies, then all that's left is some black mist to dull the thing down.

base color 2.JPG

base color 3.JPG
heres the blue and silver wash... needs to dry a little, then I'm gonna wash on some gold mixed with red... more pics will follow...

blue & silver wash.JPG
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