ESB right gauntlet hose question?


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Hey Fetts,

On the right gauntlet in ESB, does the hose go up the false short sleeve or up into the underside of the vest? I tried sending it up the false short sleeve, but then you could only see about 2 or 3 inches of the hose as it went from the back of the gauntlet and into the sleeve. I would think it would look better if it went up and into the shoulder section of the vest, under the shoulder bell. What does everyone think?

John Barrows, Jr.
As far as it looking better thats your preference. I think accuracey is the way to go!!!! ;)

Thanks man! :D That picture really helps. I wore it like that and wasn't sure if it was correct. You're right regarding accuracy. I will run it up the false short sleeve. Take care!

John Barrows, Jr.
Thanks Chris,

I have seen that design on your site before and thought it was cool. As you probably know, my Star Fortress jumpsuit came with a white elastic loop on the inside of the right short sleeve. You have my jumpsuit with you, so take a look. :D It's not in the same position as the one in the diagram. Maybe I'll have one put up further. Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.
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