ESB left gauntlet???


Active Hunter
It was brought to my attention that on the ESB left gauntlet there is no hose. Is this true? I always thought there was one hose on each arm in ESB. If there isn't, how is he feeding the flamethrower? Just thought I'd ask, since someone selling these mentioned that there was only a hose on the right gauntlet. Please let me know what the correct answer is. Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.
Thanks Bobo! I'm building an ESB Fett, but haven't gotten my gauntlets completed yet, so I'm not sure. I guess I just assumed there was. I'm sure someone here will finally verify this for me. :)

John Barrows, Jr.
Where the heck is he hiding the fuel for his flamethrower then? Seems kinda silly. Not that I'd tell Lucas that! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
well there's three little hoses into the gaunt, maybe a supply runs up the interior of the suit?

Or it was *gasp* never intended to be a flamethrower...

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