ESB LED Chest display Schematic


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Hey I was looking for the shematic for the ESB led display. I went to braks buddy site, but link to shcematics but links do not work. So if any one has a working link of the chip set let me know.

I have a friend that thinks that he can make a chip board for the esb display a lot simpler and with less parts than what the schematic shows. but he was needing to know the chips that were used to see what the designer had in mind for making the sequence.

Thanks for any help

i might have a copy of them somewhere. i also have several of those chips that i would sell, i even have an extra PIC programmed by shackman. i was gonna make one but got fed up and bought one from shackman. my question is why mess with perfection. lol
I have a friend that thinks that he can improve on perfection. He all ways does. Usualy LOL. He thinks that he can make it simpiler using some sort of binary chip or some such thing. He was just wanting to see what the schematic looked like to get into the thinking of that LED display.

If it can be dine he is usually the guy that can do it.

Thanks for the help though
Here is my schematic that was used to create the ones I made. If anyone wants to use it to make their own you are welcome to. There is no programable chip however.

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Not sure how to post them here directly, but e-mail me if you'd like my schematics. As far as simplifying the design, if your friend can do it, I'd like to see what he comes up with. AS far as I can tell, the only thing you could do would be to use a bigger/more powerful micro to control top AND bottom displays. As it is, all sequencing and character generation is controlled by one IC.

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