ESB Helmet Difference



I was just skimming through the Ref. CD and noticed something interesting. It may have been brought up before, but look at photos 968 and 969. The rangefinder is jedi style. It doesnt have the box shape under the main piece. Just thought it was interesting and worth sharing for you guys to ponder on. Later, Andrew
Maybe the black box was something that was added and not part of the orginal piece and it has fallen off sometime between those pics. Just my idea.
Anyone else have any ideas? Braks, Tyler, Bobafettish, any of you guys have the real explanation?
This is just another one of the subtle (or not-so-subtle) variances between the two helmets. The ESB helmet has a three tier rangefinder while the RotJ helmet only has two. Other variances include the number of stripes, the color of the stripes, ear piece decals, amount of flare, paint colors, weathering, and visor colors. While both helmets share the same overall design, the are two totally different helmets.
BobaFettish, I dont think you understand what i was saying. The two pics are from ESB when they are loading Han onto Slave 1. Bobas Helmet has the ROTJ stlye rangefinder on his ESB helmet.
Nope, I guess I didn't, but I do now. Here are the pics in questions (hmmm, there is something about them that looks awfully familiar ;)):


Interesting. I'd say that the helmet in second pic appears to have the RotJ-style, two-tier rangefinder (i.e. it doesn't have the black piece on the bottom). Interesting indeed.
Nice spot, BB. Can't say I had noticed that before. I'll have to agree also, and say it looks like the two-tier RF. Might have to pour over screen caps again to see if it's possible to identify that helmet as the hero (meaning the piece fell off) or to see if there are any other scenes with the two-tier RF (meaning possibly a different helmet).
I just happened to be looking at the reference CD and when i saw those two pics, I had to do a double take.I had looked at those pics many times and never noticed that obvious detail before. I thought I had better post it here, because I didnt recall this ever being brought up before.
I dont remember seeing a two tier rangefinder on any of the ESB helmets in the pics of the Fett helmets in the Archives either.And I didnt see any other pics of the ESB helmet with the two tier rangefinder on the ref. CD either(unless I just happened to miss them).
Later, Andrew
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