ESB Gloves


Jr Hunter
Been looking for some ESB gloves which has been difficult. I did find some ROTJ ones but they need to be darkened. Any tips on how to darken the grey areas?


Hi I’m Bobert!
You could possibly unstitch the white and redye the gloves.

I know clothears has ESB glove kits available but there might be a wait time.

Mike M.

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if your rotj's are accurate, then the pads are made from tackle twill, a synthetic material that doesn't take dye. mix up a batch of dye bath on the stove (1 gal water, 1/2 tbls pearl grey rit), soak and wring the gloves, then drop them in the bath for about a minute. Remove and rinse thoroughly. they'll look darker when wet and get lighter as they dry, so if they look dark enough, stir in another half tsp of rit to your bath and dunk them for another minute to 90 seconds. They should look just a little too dark when they're wet, so get them well rinsed with cold water. Wring them out real good then toss them in the dryer with a load of towels.
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