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Well I finally scored a pair of slave 1s custom Fett gloves! Although I blew $99 dollars on them :facepalm At least I made out better than the last poor sap that spent $167 on the previous auction :wacko So what’s the general consensus on them, tell me my money was well spent? I'll give you my opinion when they get here but I just wanted to know what to expect. Thanks...

after numerous attempts to make a pair i also gave up and purchased a pair they are awesome!
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$99?? :facepalm

I paid about $40 for mine. And that's all I'd pay. They're nice, but they're just thin gloves with some extra material sewn onto them. :facepalm

I expect to get a lot more for $99 of my money.
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Well, worth is relative. I will say that I have a pair, bought at $95. I have not seen them cheaper, nor have I seen them better, therefore I am happy. That determines worth. If I knew anything about sewing I could probably make something I was satisfied with. But I'm highly satisfied with my pair and with the price I paid.

I won't say that they appear to be particularly complicated, bounty haunter is correct that they're relatively simple in design. Simple matter is that no one else appears to be making them :)

You'll like them :)

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bobagoat & jaybone9
Cool men, I'm starting to feel better about this purchase!

Bounty Haunter
Thanks man, I'm starting to feel worse :D

Point well taken, starting to feel better again!

Thanks guys!! Anymore opinions are welcome!
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Saw those and was gonna bid on em but I plan to build some of my own for now . . .

Take Care

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I paid less than you did for yours, so I can't compare pricing, but I think you'll like them. They are nice and "puffy" like the originals. Mine fit great.
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I love my pair, although I bought mine long before everybody knew how cool they were and thus paid far less. It is all supply and demand. If nobody was willing to pay that price, they'd be less. If you are going for a movie accurate suit (in appearance), you'll be content with these. I know I am.

A quick note: the screen used pair had a button closure, not velcro, but that part is covered by your gauntlets anyway. The look is accurate.
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Sorry I nabbed them on you buddy! If you want me to I'll grab them for you the next time they go up if I spot them first again!

Mr Fett
Hope so!!!

Boba Freekk
no one said trying to be Boba fett was going to be cheap :D

Well if anyone would know about accuracy it would be you!! Thanks...
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Beat me to it!! :lol:

Quote:A quick note: the screen used pair had a button closure, not velcro, but that part is covered by your gauntlets anyway. The look is accurate.
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tylerdurden wrote:Beat me to it!! :lol:

You to huh, sorry man! At least I can see that there are a few experienced Fetts still looking for them as well! Feelen good about this purchase!8)
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Actually 99.00 isn't THAT bad considering they really do make the costume lean more in the "accurate" direction,and they are not that easy to come by unless there is a current "run" going on,...which there is not(to the best of my knowledge).So enjoy them,try them on,and most of all,........get them DIRTY ;)

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fettcicle wrote:Any pictures of these said "gloves"? :D

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the gloves warn by everyone (Fett) in the "EVERYBODY LOVES THE FETT!!! BIG DRAGONCON PICS" thread are wearing the gloves that we are discussing. If not I know for sure Bobafettishes are.
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I'll have to take a look, if they aren't red with yellow pads, and oval patches on the back of the hands, I don't pay too much attention :D :lol:
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Yep, I was wearing them in the Dragon Con pics.

I have seen some differences in the gloves, not sure if they are older and new models or something. I've looked at Goats, and they are a different material than mine for the body of the glove, but both are by Slave 1.
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Really... That’s the first time I heard there are some variences in newer and older pairs. Mr Fett, are Goats older or newer than yours and are the differences improvements or lack there of???
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I don't really know, as I got my pair FROM Goat! :lol:
He had a pair already, and got a second new pair as part of a package deal he got off Ebay, so sold me those ones. Since he had a pair already, I can assume his were the older model and mine the newer, but it could very well be the other way around.

Oh yeah, to dirty them, I went out into TK826's yard and put them on and ran my hands through the dirt, both front and back. :lol:
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