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ESB Girth Screen Shots Needed

I know it has been discussed in the past and we have come to the determination that the ESB Girth is Maroon. There were some great shots of it in the Girth Interest Thread that were visible before we lost the image hosting.
Now that there is image hosting on this site, could anyone with good shots of the ESB Girth please post them here.
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tylerdurden said:
I've been meaning to compile a thread with pics that show the girth is more maroon than brown. I'll add some pictures tonight.

I am sure that it was a maroonish,but so dark that it appears brown on film. There are some publicity shots on the Executor that show it fairly well being a maroon color...mostly when a direct lightsource is on it. Much like the jumpsuits "metamorphosis" from blue to gray,the belt girth was washed and faded by the time ROTJ was done and thus the lighter more prominent maroon color shows.

That is a theory I advanced awhile back. Though, I've very rarely seen the belt look that brown, ala the Prepro 2 suit.

It's also important to note the brown of the ammo pouches and strap compred to the color of the girth, which is noticeably redder.




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I just had a funny thing today,taking pics of a real factory made girth belt.
In some pics it looks brown,and some it looks red(maroon)'s a link to the pics,all the pics are of the same belt,taken on the same day(except the 1st pic of a real fett).
Notice the pic with the rotj cape on the bricks looks brown,and the close-ups look red?
The strands have a kind of 'shine' to them under different lighting conditions.
I actually put a couple of strands under my old microscope,and they seem to extruded nylon,or something similar,as the color is actually a part of the strand,and not dye.I suppose that may me the reason that it "shines" maroon/reddish/brownish in different lighting.It was a little frustrating,as I couldn't really get a 'good' pic,it was either brown or reddish,and as you can see from the pictures,the same belt looks totally a different color.
bugger, I cant quite recall (Im a jango, not boba) but I was helping my bro and we identified the exact type and name of the belt, its was something like a 12 or 24 strand english girth. The site I found it on had a pic of the belt and when compared it was dead on to bobas. And it cost all of 12 dollars, 24 or so shipped.

(I remembered, it was a 14 strand english girth, you have to look aroound for the ones without the center dealy, but here is a link to a place that seemed to have the right one at a glance. Here
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I just took new pics of a rack of belts awaiting re-sizing.The sun was half on/half off the rack................same belts,but very different color reflection,depending on the light strength.........I noticed the sun makes them red,possibly due to the reflection of the nylon.
This was a fluke pic,I just happened to look up,and there it was.
hope this helps.....Jake
Well, I can tell you that the ones from Countrysupply are the rayon/poly blends which do not hold dye at all. The problem most people have in buying them online from a Tack Supply shop is that they typically have the Rayon/Poly blended ones. I was able to locate the natural fiber/rayon blended ones and they have successfully taken to the dye for me. That was why I originally started offering them to TDH members. but to get this thread back on track and not chat too much more off topic, the pictures are pretty solid showing the ESB girth to be maroon.
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