ESB Gauntlets? ** Now with pics!**


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OK guys. I've finally gotten my gauntlets mostly assembeled and base painted. I'm trying to pain ont he battle damage and have much of it done. Is it just me or do the ESB gauntlets have way less damage than the ROTJ ones or is it just the lack of in depth ref pics?

I do still need that darn flame thrower for the left gauntlet. Anyone make a resin version of it?




yes, they're ROTH gauntlets converted..thus the cord housing being to large on the right gaunt. I haven't gotten the switches for the right or the darts yet...I need to do that (any good darts out there?)

I'm still in desperate need of the flame thrower for the left. I'm going to possibly make some temp mock up with different sized bolts until I can find something better.

I'm not familiar with the ESB gauntlets, so I don't know how much damage is on them; but I do know that if both sets had exactly the same amount of damage, the ROTJ gauntlets would still look like they had more (just because of the burgundy base color versus the subtle ESB green). My two cents.
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they do have much less damage than the RTOJ guants.i was painting mine last night and was flipping through reference pics.hard to find some clear pics of though.thats where the artistic liberties come in :D
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It is kinda a tough call on how much damage the ESBs have. I agree that the number and depth of pics for these makes it dificult for weathering. From what I can see there seems to be substantially less weathering on them, and in a few spots, (like on the inside of the left gaunt,) the individual damage scars are pretty big. just my 2 cents.
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Generally the is much less weathering on the ESB gauntlets than the ROTJ. It appears to me more general wearing away of the paint rather than the harsh chipping effect.

Here is another question for all you ESB gauntlet experts- does anyone have a reference on the little wires that come out of the back of the 'flame thrower' assembly?

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Here's one Bradley, it's not great but there aren't a ton of photos of the ESB gauntlets from that angle:

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It's interesting that the ESB helmet has way more damage than the rest of the ESB armor. The ESB armor has less damage overall than the ROTJ armor, yet the ROTJ helmet has less damage than the ESB helmet.
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If I am correct, I believe that the ESB gauntlet weathering is somewhat like the Jango technique. Its a more "Dirty" look. So take some black acrylic paint, like the Folkart from wal-mart, and a cosmetic triangle sponge and dip the sharper tip in the the paint, and blot a little on a paper plate, then dab in into the corners of the gauntlets and use the cleaner side to kinda smear it a little, if u cant get it right the first time, just quickly use a damp paper towel and wipe the acrylic off.
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Nice Pic!! I'd forgotten about those little wires!!!

It will be a good touch!
My Marmit Fett didn't have 'em...

Keep at it Doug, your gauntlets are looking great!!

Lookin good there! it seems like the ESB gauntlets do have signifigantly less damage on them. but yeah there aren't too many pics of them either. Nice work so far!
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