ESB gauntlet question.......


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I know there isn't a lot of reference material for this, but does anyone have an idea as to what type of switches were used on the ESB right gauntlet? I know the ROTJ gauntlets used a momentary push button, but the ESB switches look almost like a toggle style....

Any thoughts or opinions???


Boba Phett

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I've always been under the impression they are micro rotary switches without a knob on them. Looking closely at the photos you can see where the end of the shaft for the switch has a flat on one side. Which is what you would find on a rotary switch. That and in all the picture you never see switches flipped one way or another (on/off) and it would be safe to assume that toggle switches would got knocked one way or the other just from wearing/handling the suit.

Heres some pics of the real suit and some with fettcicles gauntlet



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Okay....I seem to remember a mention of those. Probably the same ones used on the Prepro suit?? Would Radio Shack have something like that?? Yours look great Phett.

Boba Phett

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You can try Radio Shack. I doubt they would have them.

I got mine from a place that carry's older electronics parts. They used the same switches on the pre-pro and ESB except that the pre-pro also had one on the left gauntlet. -Mark


I know this is a ESB thread but there weren't ANY switches, just holes on the ROTJ right Gaunt. Correct?
Thanks for the help.
Robert E. (Iplan to do both :D)

Tyler Durden

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Hmmm, I think those were switches were there on the Jedi gauntlets, or a least some sort of switch. It's a little unclear, but it looks like it might vary between one and two switches, possibly because of two diff gauntlets. Possibly because of crappy pics.