ESB Gauntlet question


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I have a set of Ruffkin's on order and was wondering if someone could explain how they joined the upper and lower pieces together? I've read a bunch on how people use velcro, but not sure how it's done. Do the top pieces overlap the bottoms? I'm more of a visual person so a couple of pics would be awesome :)

Boba Al

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i used piano hinges and then velcro on the other side of each gauntlet to join them together you can get the piano hinges from your local hardware store.



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Thanks :) I used a scrub brush for some weathering, I think it makes the scratches more natural if that helps you out any.


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Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the velcro goes on the opposite side, and the piano hinges are on the "inside." ?

I believe there was a picture somewhere of Boba in the carbon freezing chamber with his gauntlet falling off, exposing white velcro on the outer part of the gauntlet. (When I say "inner" I mean the inner most part close to your body.)


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That is my plan as well. I thought that was supposed to be screen acurate to use velcro on both sides not hinges, but I may be wrong?

Jango Fett Jr

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As far as I can tell, screen accurate is to glue them solid on the outer side and velcro on the inside.

ESB Left
MOM Right
MOM Right
AOSW Right

I haven't looked into it enough to know how exactly it works, but it seems like on the left gauntlet, the gauntlet bottom velcros over the top in ROTJ, and goes under in ESB. I'm sure there are better photos from the exhibits, I just grabbed what I found on the online ref gallery.