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Originally posted by Slave1:

Anyone have any good pics of the ESB gauntlets?

The reason why I'm asking is because I'm wondering the metal detail on the one gauntlet isn't made up partly of the same metal rod that can be seen on the sides of Vader's chest box.

ESB is the one suit I've looked at the least, so this is just an idea I'm throwing out.
Originally posted by TK1028:

Does anyone have any pictures of the Marmitt Fett gaunt?

Chris Skidmore
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Originally posted by J Scott D:

That's when you should be ask me...I built the ESB version. :)

The Pre-production and the ESB flame throwers were not the same.

According to LFL rumor/legend, the Pre-production suit's flame thrower was FUNCTIONAL. But stories can grow pretty wild in the past 20 years.

It does appear to have the nik-nak on the end of the flamethrower to ignite any fuel fired out the main tube...who knows??

The ESB greeblies don't resemble the Vader chestbox pieces, but I was considering using some on my costume.

I never got around to adding those pieces. Maybe someday.

Scott D.

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Originally posted by Lord of all that is Fett:

The flame thrower was primarily made of an air cylinder that could extend and retract. You can see the airline and regulator valve in the chronicle pics. The air line to extend the cylinder goes into the gauntlet and out one of the braided hoses on the arm. However there doesn't appear to be a second line to retract the cylinder. The Air cylinder was probably from SMC a very popular manufacturer then and now. Similar air cylinders were used in the Visual Dictionary for R2-D2's extra arms. I work on CNC machine tools that use various air operated devices that require cylinders like this and am quite familiar with them. -Mark
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Originally posted by SITHcamaro:

I made one of those on my first gauntlet. I used the spring shaft from an automatic unfolding umbrella....worked great! Puch the button on the side, and wham! All I had to do was push it back in manually.
Originally posted by Lord of all that is Fett:

I could get an SMC that is of similar size in Dia. and length. The exact model would be impossible unless we found a pic of the build tag on the cylinder. I'll take a look in the catalogs and our spare parts section for a match. I'll be installing a tool presetter on a turn-key project in our showroom with three air cylinders on it. In order to get it to function you would need a solenoid valve, 24V DC power, and an air source with a regulator. Most likely if they were to have used the cylinder on screen they would have run an air line into the suit but would be off-camera view or a close up of the gauntlet. -Mark
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