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I was doing a search for the blaster sling for ESB but was not able to come up with much. I found a pic in one of the stickies, but not much else. Does anyone know what's good to use hardware wise? I hope it's not as easy as going down to WalMart, then I would feel really stupid :confused . Thanks in advance.
My dad had this old binocular upstairs, with a leather expansive looking case and all... wich also had a nice allready weathered looking sling :)

so I asked my dad and then tore it off, and did screws in to get the correct length.

I think you could just as easily use a cheapo ladies bag from any store, all your interested in is the handle anyway.

hope that helps
I don't think Todd has to even go to the store, he already has some ladies bags of his own! ;)

Oh wait I forgot, it's not a purse, it's European! :lol:
:eek: Where did that come from and why are you looking in my closet? It's called a man bag.
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I'm about to tackle this project too and was going to search some of the supply stores online that we use for the girth belts..........just a thought.

here's the binocular thingy...

the strange clip and all don't really belong there, but I thought it looked nice... looks kinda strange on a ROTJ blaster too...




Hey FETT's, the actual sling on the ESB Blastech-ee3 Rifle is a two piece military sling found at many gun shops, Bass Pro Shops or Outdoor World!
I used this for my ESB rifle and then applied some tanning oil and scuffed it up with some Med. Grit sandpaper. Hope this helps!

OK,I've spent the better part of 10 collective hours scouring the net for and original,or original in appearance Webley sling swivel screw set with NOOO luck. If sites do provide adequate info. there ususally isn't a picture of said item so I'm not wasting time and money on something that isn't what we're after.

I even checked basspro sites with no luck either ;)

So,with all that is there anyone who knows of a source of the brass ringed sling swivel that we could use for our Webley's?? As long as it is of the wood screw type in nature and accomodate a 1" leather sling it will do..........

If there's any progress let's report back here mmmkay:D

I'm off to do more searching...................................

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