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Forget those lame ass Heilands, how bout an MR MPP flash tube for the barrel of that rifle!! Accuracy! Accuracy! Accuracy!

Well I asked permission to post this link from the RPF to extend the "saber" deal to us ESBers over here. If you are interested post on the board or let me know!!

And when was the last time you bought a Heiland for $35?? Pretty good deal kids, jump on board, I DID!!
This is debateable, but I think you'd need the bulb socket (I think that's the internal part) too, which is only another $25, but that's still not a bad price to pay.
Hmmmm, I had always thought there wasn't a socket?? Any pics to prove that one Max??? Thats something I would love to know because I think it actually looks cooler with the socket in...
Lone Pigeon said:
Just to clarify the MPP 3-cell tube was COMPLETELY GUTTED.
I didn't see the thread at the RPF where this was discussed, but I bet the photo they had was the pic of Fett and Vader in the red hallway on Bespin. If that pic is reduced small it could look like the insides are intact, BUT what could look like the hex nut is actually light showing through the big hole left from removing the MPP trigger.


::edit:: Pic added. Photo and hosting courtesy of Lone Pigeon.
No no no...:cry Hehe, I swear I saw a post stating the opposite...and I thought Lone Pigeon was the poster too, man, confusing day for me :lol: Sorry for the slip :eek:
Max, I know exactly where you were coming from!! There was a huge confusion regarding that info. I think it all stemmed from the fact that there was a "cap" over the flash tube in some of the promotional shots for Empire.
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