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Hi all

Does anyone know if the chest armor, cod etc and jet pack are painted in the panzer green for the ESB fett.

I think Lee said he was looking into this, I just wondered if he'd had any news.
Looking at the marmit figure, the main armor pieces and jet pack,are the same shade as the helmet dome, can we take this as correct ?

Thanks guys

I recently asked the same question. I was told the color for the ESB armor is the PollyScale US med green.
It has the colors for the AOSW Fett display, which dons the ESB helmet. Not sure if the armor was actually used in the film, but the gauntlets definitely weren't. I just posted that thread to give you an idea.
How about some spraypaint colors for us "air-brush" challenged folks? I picked up several different flat, olive greens over the last few weeks. Some were specialized for camoflage, others were just interior exterior colors.

I will try and post a few pics and so I can get help on choosing the right one.
There are a few of the colors listed on that thread that do come in spray paint versions. As far as airbrush challenged, I'd suggest checking out look at the H series. Very cheap, easy to use airbrush. For painting armor and helmet with masking you don't have to have much artistic ability.

Using an airbrush to paint this way doesn't take much more skill then using a can of spray paint. My airbrush was $40 and the cans of airbrush propellent aren't very much if you can't afford a compressor.
I picked up a propellent can based airbruse at walmart for 20$. it's a testors kit line. It's nothing fancy but it sure was easier to airbrush some modified converse shoes for Halloween than it was to paint them with a brush.

I used the POG for my gauntlets and jet pack and it looks great. I think the chest, ab, and cod are a darker green...I used the US med green even before Lee released his list and though I had made a good choice.

I actually brushed my jet pack and gauntlets. I didn't buy the cheap little airbrush until way after I had finished them. Use a large brush for the first coat and spread it on pretty thick. Follow it with a second coat using a soft tipped brush about half an inch wide. It worked great for me. I have pics on a thread here somewhere.

Just my thoughts on this.....I think they used the same color green for the helmet, chest, cod and jet pack. Ive examined the pictures on the reference CD and it appears to me that the percieved difference in greens might be due to lighting conditions/shadows and not because they are different colors.

It would also make sense since this was the first screen used costume that all pieces were painted the same color. It is pretty definate that all of the armor items for ESB were either a)repainted and reused pre-pro stuff or b)painted new stuff. Either way, new paint was applied that does not match the pre-pro suit.

Again, I obviously don't have any proof to all of this, but it just makes some sense to me. :)
well, the ESB chest armor is definately darker than the gauntlets and dome of the helmet. That much is pretty obvious watching the movies. There have been a few threads which discussed the ESB gauntlets and jet pack colors where people have superimposed the helmet and gauntlets and jet pack and it seems those 3 are the same color.
ive also used the walmart airbrush, but nothing will beat a good profesional brush for really small detail painting.

mandaloriancostuming wrote:

ive also used the walmart airbrush, but nothing will beat a good profesional brush for really small detail painting.

I agree with that, as well as Slowmo's usage of the airbrush (which I've seen personally last week's work, and he did a great job), I used the same Testor's Kit airbrush on my armor/jet pack, even though I have a professional air brush, which for small details are excellent, but I have no compressor to make it work with, and the little "canned air" is not a good substiture for it either.

Hey guys sorry to hear about all of the airbrush problems etc.

U.S. Medium green that's what you are looking for if you have an airbrush challenge let me know and I'll see what I can help you come up with.

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