EM1 as a Blaster?


Do you all think this may be a little too extreme to use as a blaster for my Mandalorian Warrior? Of course I will repaint it. It's my EM1 paintball gun lol.



You would just need to mod it a little to make it less "paintball"ish. Try strapping 4 copper tubes around the barrel (a 5 barrel laser cannon) or enclosing the barrel in a larger PVC pipe.

The main concern is that you have a working paintball gun under all of that. A lot of people would be touchy about a working marker in public. (paint or no paint)
I will try to disguise it the best I can. Thanks for your input!

Another thing, with no hopper(balls) and no compressed air tank hooked up to the gun can't be that dangerous ;)

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