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hey...i was just wondering where you guys have bout your grey dye for the Boba gloves. i was wanting to know where i can find it, and the name of it...like the title...and Co. name.
you know TK-409, that is where i got the idea for the gloves. now its my time to hunt down the dye. :lol: is it hard to make the gloves...i mean, i know you buy the gloves (from your site TK-409), dye them grey, and stich the white parts on....but...i realy suck at sewing...but, is it that hard? i can do simple stuff like the ankle peices on Boba...but....when you hear gloves.....oh man...i just don't want to go there. you guys pray for me....:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
hey, also, where can i buy some INTOWN gloves. i don't want to buy them off the intrnet, unless i have to, so, are there any stores nearby to buy them...like, music stores, tuxedo store, etc..?
hey guys....i got some great news....i found some intown gloves!!!! i went to party city thinking they would have something, and sure enough, i found some accurate boba gloves. i found some white gloves and, they even have the button on them!!!!! i had also had a hard time looking for some dye...and, i just went accross the street to AC Moore, and sure enough, i found some grey pearl RIT dye!!!! i dyed the gloves, and they turned out great!!! luckly i had some white fabric, and some foam padding. i had used the padding inside my helmet. anyway, i cut the padding on my band saw into some thin strips. i traced my hand, and finger patterns onto the padding. i cut the padding a little smaller than the cloth. i then sewed the padding, and the cloth onto the gloves. man, they turned out great!!! i then weathered them with some oil paint....really got them looking good. so, now, i have a $10 pair of boba gloves that are really accurate!!!! i am soooooo happy!!!
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