DVD Casting and Molds

They appear to be usefull videos.. and yea video is always good to see someone else do it.. I would want the fiberglass vid and I have an interest and never done it..
OK, 2 points.
1st point, dispite them having different names, all the DVDs advertised there have the same content according to the listings.
Secondly, the one I bid on 2 days ago when I said about the recaster is mine, please don't bid over me, there are plenty others.

Yes I asked them and they responded that there is only one dvd with different listings. Let us know when you get it. The seller's business sells mold and craft supplies as well.
You can also view those same videos from their website for free, but I'd rather kick back on the couch any day than sit in front of the computer to watch TV. I guess I'm just a lazy:moon
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