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I am going to buy a dremel but have no idea what bits I need. I will be working on new gautlets I just received. They seem like they are plastic and customizing a Rubies helmet. I was tld I need a flex-shaft but have no idea what it looks like nor could I find it called that in Home Depot. Anyone have a part number or a photo?
Okay, you'll need standard cutting disks. You can get the fibreglass reinforced ones but regular will do fine. They are a round deep brown or black disk with a small hole in the middle. I would also recommend a small cone or cylinder shaped grinding stone. It will be about the size of a pen tip. This is good for the fine corner areas on the visor.

Here's some basic tips - don't cut anywhere near your legs. Use a work bench or table. The spining cut off discs can skip on you and you don't want a dremmel induced trench down your legs. Depending on the plastic your gaints are made from, cutting it may vreate some powerful fumes. The dremmel burns through plastic (literally) and the fumes can be dangerous. Work outside if possible.

A flex shaft will be helpful but you can do without it. If you want one, go to home depot and ask the tool area guy. It's basically a long black "snake" that attaches to your dremmel's head and ends with a head which can hold bits, discs, etc.

Remember, if in doubt, ask! The Home Depot pays those guys to answer your questions. Just explain what you are cutting and with what. If they don't help you, try another home reno place 'cause that one sucks.

Hope this helps.
Dremel Flex Shaft!

Thanks. I got the $79 Dremel brand at lunch and it comes with the flex shaft. I want to try to clean up the visor area tonight but was unsure what bit I should use to do this. It is vinyl. I already cut out the key slots and visor with an exactor knife. I comes with some attachments but I have not looked at them yet.
i wouldnt use the dremel for such work. get yourself a flat file and a set of precision files at home depot or lowes or wherever.
You will find that your dremel will become your best friend:)
It makes life working with any project MUCH easier. If it hasn't been mentioned yet,you can get them with different speed settings,quick chucks as well.And there is many bits and burs to choose from for any project.
OH GEEZ! i sound like a friggen info-mmercial.
Hey, this kind of goes with the same thread so I thought I'd ask. A few months back I realize a lot of the stuff I was doing could be done easier and quicker with a Dremel so I went out and got one. They only had the single-speed 35,000 rpm one though. Mistake or not?
Honestly, I think you're ok. I have a variable speed and then only hting I have ever used the slower speeds for is carving wood and some sanding. I think you should be ok with the one you have.

Safetly Glasses a must its a no-brainer $3 for your eye sight.
A trip to the DOC'N'A BOX can run upwards of $700 to ahve something removed from your eye, especially if it has to be cut out(Yes it hurts like hell).

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