DP Fett Helmet Re-Painting



my name is Bill McCarthy and I live in Massachusetts in the U.S. ...and thanks for having me.

I have a DP Fett helmet (it's not handy at the moment so I'm not sure if it's a '95 or '97 -- which one is better and/or more accurate, by the way?)

Back in the mid-to-late 1990's, I grabbed it for $20.00 at a local Spencer's Gifts "80% Off Post-Hallowe'en Sale" (orig, price: $100.00).
I would like to repaint it using the Riddel mini-helmet as a guide (is that very accurate?). Can anyone please recommend some paint types, brands, and color codes (available in the U.S.)?
I have a R.A. smoked plexi visor I hope to install -- what are some other upgrade details available "out there"?
Also, I have heard mention of "decals". What details are these? Are the yellow "bars" decals as well?

Thanks in advance,
Bill McCarthy


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about the helmet, 95 is the best year for the viynl series of Fett helmets by Don Post, they go downhill from there. I also got mine at spencers lol it was about 120 bucks at the time and came in a collectors box, the inside is white, and it had don post 95 on the back.

About the other questions, all info is readily available in the search engine.