DP Fett Helmet Re-Painting



my name is Bill McCarthy and I live in Massachusetts in the U.S. ...and thanks for having me.

I have a DP Fett helmet (it's not handy at the moment so I'm not sure if it's a '95 or '97 -- which one is better and/or more accurate, by the way?)

Back in the mid-to-late 1990's, I grabbed it for $20.00 at a local Spencer's Gifts "80% Off Post-Hallowe'en Sale" (orig, price: $100.00).
I would like to repaint it using the Riddel mini-helmet as a guide (is that very accurate?). Can anyone please recommend some paint types, brands, and color codes (available in the U.S.)?
I have a R.A. smoked plexi visor I hope to install -- what are some other upgrade details available "out there"?
Also, I have heard mention of "decals". What details are these? Are the yellow "bars" decals as well?

Thanks in advance,
Bill McCarthy

about the helmet, 95 is the best year for the viynl series of Fett helmets by Don Post, they go downhill from there. I also got mine at spencers lol it was about 120 bucks at the time and came in a collectors box, the inside is white, and it had don post 95 on the back.

About the other questions, all info is readily available in the search engine.
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