dp 95?? where should i start?


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hey guys.. as a complete noob...i just got a dp 95 i think... i know theres alot to be done such as flaring, the visor, replacing the rangefinder... but i'm at a loss where i should start... .. take a look at it a tell me where i should start... much much much thanks







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first, put it down and do the robot.

Then sand all the old paint untill its smooth. all around, cut the visor out, take off the old rangfinder if you plan to replace it, if not leave it be.

Cut the back vents out, Wash the helmet in mild dish washing soap -Dawn- let it air dry over night. then bondo over the logo in the back, and the non screen accurate scratches on the right -helmet facing you- side of the visor. Attach new rangfinder.

give it a once over for anything else, then primer it with automotive laquer based primer, give that a few coats then sand the primer smooth.

Then begin the slow process of block painting. Mask of an area like the dome get reference pics and enjoy!
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White DP95 eh? Sweet catch!

Just be sure to do the flaring before you sand, fill or cut anything. :)

p.s. As long as you don't want to resell it later, I would be sure to paint the inside flat black before any other painting. It will cut down on people being able to see you eyes with the bucket on.