don post helmet question

Darth Fett

hi i have a question about the don post 97 fett mask. Does anyone know if you can remove the top rangefinder ear piece? mine looks like its glued on and i was thinking of replacing the rangefinder stick so it will look better. thanks


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Yeah, those puppies are glued on pretty good. Or at least mine was. I tried using a heat gun carefully to warm up the glue and pry it off. It was working good until too much pressure and snap..the piece came of, but so did a dime's size piece of the helmet. You also have to be careful the heat gun doesn't warp the earpiece or helmet, as mine almost did.


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I used a hacksaw blade and cut through the glue. this will also cut the small peg that holds the stalk in place. I bolted the new stalk in place.



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i used one of those tools used to make spaces for hinges on wooden doors. i cant remember what its called though. it looks like a chisle. who knows. it prolly is.


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I pryed mine off but it also took a piece of the helmet with it so I had a small hole in the helmet. Luckly it was under where I was gonna reattach the earpiece. I just put some bondo in there and now that the earpiece is back on, you can't even tell it ripped a hole in the helmet.