Does electrical tape conduct any electricity?


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Well does it? I am wraping the circuit board of a voice amp with elec tape to secure the wires that leave it. One the back of the board are a bunch of silver solder points. If I use a piece of elec tape, across all those points will it connect them and cause a short?? I know elec tape insulates electricity, but it doesnt conduct it from one point to another right??

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oh no just 9v. which is what its supposed to run on. Its what i thought, but you know how you can get when you are in the middle of assembling and a stupid idea comes into your head.....


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you might want to get the shrink-sleeves for covering your connections...electrical tape can loose some of it's adhesion over time and it leaves a really sticky film behind...The sleeves shrink when you heat them with a lighter or heat-gun.


You could use spray on "Dip it". I've used it on a lot of pieces for costuming. But I think the shrink sleeves is the best idea. Since you can peel those off again if you need to.

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Here is a highly speculative idea.. use melted candle wax.. just drop it over the board and it should insulate it pretty well.. I haven't tried it myself.. but you never know..

I've used the melted plastic from a hot-glue gun to insulate wires on a cirucuit board. It works really well but a pain in the ass to remove. Atleast you can scrape the candle-wax off if you have to make changes..

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Speaking as a journeyman electrician... your regular run of the mill electrical tape is capable of handling up to 600 volts and heat up to 90 degrees C. The melted candle wax may prove to be slightly flammable when exposed to a spark and also will melt if you have too much resistance in your circuit (might be messy).

EDIT* - If you go to your local Home Depot or Lowes, looks for a roll of electrical tape made by 3M called Super 88. It will run you about $4 a roll, but it never loses it's adhesion over time and will remove alot easier than a shrink sleeve in the future. I use this on a very regular basis (every day for work) and I can vouch for this product.