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to day I started my 4th pair of rubber band/Fett armor and I need a new way to atach the armor plates to the vest the other method I used involved sewing the plates on with wire and it just took to much time and effort can some one tell me a free way to atach the armor

I want to make some armor for a friend. What are the coolist colors you have ever seen armor painted ?
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I want to stay away from the color sceam of Boba and Jango.Complmentry colors mite be the best way to go.
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IF I was gonna do a custom I would probubly do it in a dull maroon with a dull white as the undercoat then silver underneath.
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Hey that sounds awsome I think I will draw a sketch of the armor using those colors and see just what it will look like.
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Armored Cape

I had the idea the other day for an armored cape I could armor it with armor plates which mite be use full since my armor is built for rubber band war fair.What do guys you think?

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armor lettering

I was planning on puting some form of star wars lettering on my armor but dont know what each symbol stands for..........I would like to know basic Corrilion the most. But eney thing will do :rolleyes
Armored cape eh? Sounds realy neat! If you make a scetch of that please post it, I'd like to see that (and of course if you just make it post as well).

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i think id have to go for a dark maroon, dull black, and deep grey for a custom color scheme, plus some silver for effects.. i had a picture someplace.. but yea.. it looks really wicked together.. its like an "evil" version of boba, the dark side has fully taken him. lol.
Sounds like C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E! Hi s armor and costume is VERY cool! Just don't copy him. Do your own version. :) Plaguerism only works best for movie accurate costumes. :)
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