Different Colored Shoulder Bells in ESB


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With the release of the OT on DVD I have been watching a significant amount of ESB as my 2 year old twin sons can't get enough of it. LOL
The wife is going nuts but I am still in happy land!

Anyway, I know it has been brought up before but has there been any closure as to if the ESB shoulder bells are a different color from each other? I know it could be lighting and such but from what I can see, the right shoulder bell seems to have more of a mustard yellow look and the left is more of a pale faded bright yellow.
I too have seen this - even in photos. I alo saw it change on me so I kind of gave up on trying to persuade myself they were different. I'm imagining that it is mostly lighting and partially the skull emblem influencing your perception of the left bell.

Of course I have been known to be wrong.... from time to time.
Yup, it's been brought up before. I think it was confirmed what colors they were. but it's obvious one is much more yelow than the other.
Yea, there is a definate difference between the 2. It can really be seen when Boba is walking down the hallway with Vader. Especially on the head on shots where you can see both bells.
I would possibly count this as lighting if it weren't for the fact that the right one is always darker no matter what direction the lighting is coming from.
I would be interested as to what colors were chosen as the deciding factor.
I think I will definately be using the 2 different on mine as I near completion.
I used the Milwaukee Road Orange (for kill stripes) on the right shoulder and knees of my ESB suit and toned it down a tad with the UP Armor yellow.

I used the UP Armor yellow only on my left one and they all turned out great and a dead match when compared to screen shots and printed versions of thus screen shots.
It's definitely two different colors. The left and right shoulder bells are consistently the correct alternate color.

Also, the PP3 costume has the same different colored shoulder bells, reinforcing that is a deliberate difference.
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