Difference between rangefinders from ESB & ROTJ?


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I am not sure if there is any difference between the two.

Does anyone have photos of each to show the diffference?

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I'll post some pics tonight, although I think there may already be some photos comparing the two on the board already.

The only noticeable difference is that the black "reticle" underneath the ESB RF fell off the Jedi RF. So the Jedi RF, does not that have that piece. Or more correctly, it did not have that piece during filming.
Here are a couple pics comparing the 2 from Braks online picture archive.
They are high resolution but will show a very close up perspective of the differences.

Just punch in the username and password

Username: tdhmember
Password: ilovetdh

ROTJ Rangefinder from the MOM Exibit:


ESB Rangefinder Pics from the AOSW Exibit:



ok, sorry for the thread drift, but when I click the link for the pics it asks for my TDH id and password. I try to put them in and it tells me they are incorrect and I am denies. What am I doing wrong here?
Would someone be kind enough to post these picture, instead of having to run through the CIA retina scan? I've punched in the damn password a dozen times, and it refuses it.

Got this from BM when I asked the same question. Hope it helps

Even looks like a little rust on the ESB stalk.

I watched both Empire and Jedi scenes showing Boba Fett and I discovered somethng (Maybe others already knew it), Boba Fett's Rangefinder has the small black frame throughout Empire until they are loading up Han in Carbonite into the Slave 1 and you can see if you have a DVD and Zoom-in, the Rangefinder is the Jedi Version during Boba Fett's last scene!

Yes, the missing black detail piece during the cargo scene has been discussed a few times. It is interesting to note that the detail piece was obviously put back on at some point because it is on the ESB hero helmet at the Art Of Star Wars exhibit.

Which scene exactly did you see the detail piece in Jedi? I ask because they used an ESB-style stunt helmet for the "landing on the skiff scene" as well as the "jet pack explosion scene." So it's possible the RF you saw was on the stunt helmet.
Maybe you misunderstood me, what I was referring to was the fact that in "The Empire Strikes Back" throughout most of the movie, it was the Rangefinder on the bottom of this photo EXCEPT for Boba Fett's LAST SCENE where his Rangefinder was the one pictured on the top without the Black Frame on the bottom of the Rangefinder.

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