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Okay, I just recieved a so called "Mystery" helmet in the mail that I ordered from ebay. And I am a little unhappy with it. It was promised to have been sanded and smooth, but in fact there were many "tags" on it that need to be removed. These pictures show the helmet AS IS, right out of the box, so I didn't monkey around with it or anything. AND, the ears, rangefinder, etc, didn't come, as they were promised. So I don't know what this clown on ebay was thinking. I have slim to no modeling skills. So I am going to need all the advice I can get. First question, should I try to get my money back? Or should I try fixing it? Here are the pictures.






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im pretty new here, but i would say get your $'s back. i think you can find allot of lids that are ready to go and not requiring repair before you get started.

just my 2 cents

Depends.....if you got it for a steal then i would say do a bit of sanding and it should be alright....Most of the damage looks to be in the right visor area and above which will be removed and you can sand up that area and it wont even be noticable once's you've painted it....But....if you payed a handfull for it i would say return it and get your money back
woa how much did u pay for that thing?! get your money back as soon as possible! thats a piece of crap, and thats no mystery sized, looks like don post. contact that guy as soon as possible
cookiemongoloid said:
I payed $165.00 for this monstrosity. So do you think that there is any hope for this helmet?
geez u could got a really good mystery bucket for about that much on here, return it as soon as possible.
If you paid anywhere over 100 to 150.00 for this I would get my money back, but good luck on that. It might be easier just to count your losses and practice painting on this 1st bucket. Later you can get a way better bucket, and by that time, you will have some skills under your belt.
Sent it back!

If seller reinburses you $120 keep it, the way it is.. its not worth more than $45..too much of your time to sand and fill.

Just looking at it i can tell you that once you start to sand it there will be air pockets and thin layers...

Should have talked to Marrow Sun....
yeah this seller in my opinion is bad JU JU!!
Luckily for me a fellow THD'er warned me about these sellers bad recast. Sorry man. If you paid with Paypal just open a dispute as 'recieved item, but was not what was described'. Go that route if the seller is a jerk-off and won't give you a full refund (including shipping)

Also be highly suspecious of ebay auctions that are private.
A terrible shame....$165 is pure rape....the seller should be utterly ashamed of himself. If you get stuck with it,I've got some ears and a stalk I might be able to help you with. They're for a DP Deluxe,but should fit a "Mystery" (even a recast).

Good luck with the refund.

Thanks for all of the advise guys. Yes I used paypal, and I am very new to it. So I am not sure exactly how this should work. Should I complain to ebay or paypal? And if I do get my money back, will it be from the seller? or paypal? or ebay? And what would I do with the helmet? Give it back to the seller? or just keep it? Sorry for all of the questions, but I am new here. And thanks for the offer for the earpieces. I just might buy them off of you. Oh, and I just emailed the guy on ebay just asking for the missing parts, I didn't mention the quality of the hemlet quite yet.
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Paypal will likely NOT help you at all if you say that you "Got the item but it was not as described".

They'll say that you got something, so the dispute is between you and the seller.
How did you fund the Paypal transaction?
If credit card, you may have some comeback through your CC company.
Looking at the auction, the helmet you recieved is NOT the item pictured.
You might want to email eBay themselves, and point out that this is in breach of *Insert local trading standards laws here*.
or what you can do than...is play his game, say you didn't get nothing at all (does he have a delivery confimation on the box? it is a neon green slip)
In fact there is an opition there in paypal that you can mark as getting 'a box of bricks'
Just say you got a fiberglass dome that doens't look like anything!
BTW you wouldn't really be stretching the truth by much :)

Try this means of course if the seller doesn't want to work with you.
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