Delta75- harness tutorial


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Ok guys & girls, this is a simple tutorial of how I made mine. I wasn't too happy with most of the ones I had tried because they didn't hold well. Maybe this could help you advance in a direction that better suits you.

US Issue suspenders\trousers $4
US Issue belt\strap with latch hooks $2
D-Ring $.25
U-Bolts $1.50
Thread $.25
Electrical tape $.50

I picked up the suspenders and strap from a Army surplus store.

Figured if I just turned the suspenders sideways with the "X" at my back it worked great. I took the D-ring, placed in one of the suspender hooks and crimped it with a pair of pliers. They stretch so you get a nice tight hold, plus the suspenders are still adjustable so you can fit it around you.

Next, I cut the strap in half and sewed it to my shoulder straps to connect to the JP. Make sure they are the right length for you and cut as you see fit.

I put electrical tape around the end by the clips for reinforcement and to keep them rigid from falling out of the backplates holes when I was trying to get my JP on.

Then I simply attached to "U" bolts to the JP and the harness clips right on.


Easy and sturdy, works great
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