Flight Suit definitve dye mixture??dye the whole suit or piece by piece?

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so ive been searching the forums to determine the definitive dye mixture for the jumpsuit.

so far, ive found whojedi's recipe, as follows:

"I dyed my jumpsuit with 70% RIT purple dye and 30% RIT royal blue dye. After it dried I redyed it with 1/4 package RIT navy blue. After it dries, it looks dead-on the right color.

has anyone used this?
are there pics of suits dyed with this formula??
are there alternatives?
will this recipe give me film accurate results?????

im starting with white cotton twill.

When Im done with the new jumpsuit (hopefully soon) Ill be selling my old one. if anyones interested LMK.

I would tend to trust what whojedi says about Jango.
He was the one that put the actual Jango costume together
at Celebration II. He was lucky enough to see and handle
the costume first hand.

As for the mixture, I was going to dye a grey jumpsuit.
I opted for Medical Scrubs. They come in a blue color that
looked pretty accurate to me. So, I didn't mess with dying.

Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.

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I would also trust what Whojedi says, I mean how many of us have had our hands on a real Jango costume? Personally, I'm making mine from a bolt of material I picked up at Wal-Mart in the bargain bin, it's almost a dead ringer and it's a twill.
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I'm gonna redo my jumpsuit soon. my plans are find a light gray material dye it with whojedi percenteges but instead of the royal blue use a bit of black and bit or scarlet red.

Its a huge difference between indoor and outdoors. Here's the colors that i have on my suit now:

The jumpsuit started as a baby blue then dyed with "Licac" that's a purple color. Then a little of crimson and Rits purple. I think the Rits purple is perfect. Rits dyes recomend to dip in the bucket for a half hour. I would segust if you use the Rits purple only do it for 15 minutes.

I think if you use a gray suit and whoJedis colors and with a hint of crimson or scarlet red - the jumsuit will come out awesome.

Here's link to the Jacquard paints. Look in the bottom right fot the lilac color.


<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/kaitlyn%20and%20jango2.jpg>
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Thanks guys.

One more question.

Im thinking about cutting the pieces out of the fabric and then dyeing each piece THEN sew it together rather than dyeing the completed jumpsuit. Im hoping to avoid splotches/wrinkles this way.
Has anyone tried this?

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I dyed mine with Rit dye (one package of purple,two packages of Denim Blue and one package of Navy Blue)I had to dye it twice to get it as dark as I wanted it but it turned out awesome! It started out totally white.

btw:I wore my boots for the first time on Sat.and they are GREAT!
How do you think this would work starting with the postman blue redcap coveralls?? Or is grey the better bet for the base suit??

I would dye your fabric before cutting it out- just do it in the washing machine. Then cut out your pieces. If you try and do it after cut but before sewn then your edges will unravel. I'm going to try this dye mixture from Whojedi on a white turtle neck I bought to wear under my jumpsuit to cover my neck up. I'll let ya know how it turns out.
Picked up the dyes tonight. Hopefully the fabric will arrive tomorrow and Ill be able to have pics up before the week is out.

Question: RIT makes a product that "fades" jeans - would this be worthwhile to use on the suit - to give it the washed out look?

thanks for all the help.
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