Daniel Logan Project in Star Wars Insider #189

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Star Wars Insider #189 features an interview with Daniel Logan, filled with photos of the Daniel Logan project, specifically the first second fitting (June 23, 2017) and the final studio shoot . Thanks to Wasted Fett, I got the call to photograph the fitting for the Boba Fett Fan Club. And when the Insider called a few months back trying to track down Logan, I got to pass along the photos for the editor to pick. Pretty awesome to see so many used.




For the fitting, Arkady was there of course.

Here's also a video I did from the second fitting:

And another from the first fitting:

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Well this is super awesome! It was great getting to follow the process and cool seeing it in print.


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Daniel's a pretty classy guy. I chatted with him for a few at Celebration Chicago.
I hope he does get to play Fett in the future !!