Cutting fibrglass question.



The triangular impressions above the visor on my FG helmet are just too small for my tastes. What would be the best way to make them a little larger and deeper? I thought of using my dremel, but I've never cut into fiber-glass before. Little help?
I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I have a small Dremel tip that looks like a skinny pencil, with what looks like a diamond abrasive tip. I'm going to try using that clean up the arrows a little...
I'm just going to toss this out.

There is an attachment that is purchased separately to convert your Dremel into a small router. If the said diamond-pointy-tip was placed in this, it would facillitate keeping a uniform depth to your cuts. ..

Whatever you decide, be sure to use adequate ventilation and breathing apparatus when creating any kind of fg dust.
Dremmels can be a bit uncontollable when it comes to percice cut outs like the arrows in the helmet. You may be able to get better results with a set of needle files that you can find at the hardware store. Start off by drilling out a hole in the center of the arrow, slowly file out the triangle with the different types of files until you get the desired size, then take a piece of plastic and cover up the hole from the inside.
Thanks for the tips fellas. I have to pick up some jewelers files next week (when I get paid), so I can file out the vents in the back of the helmet. So, I may just give that last tip a shot. It may make the triangles too deep though, so I'm still debating.

Believe me MMM, I will definitely use a mask and eye protection. I made the mistake of playing with insulation when I was a kid (hey, it looked like cotton candy or something), and fiberglass on the skin is bad enough. I don't even want to think about how it would feel in my throat or eyes. OUCH!
Pick up a FlexShaft for your Dremel and use the cone-shaped tip. The FlexShaft makes the Dremel EXTREMELY controllable.

Also, instead of getting the $30 router attachment (unless you really NEED a router), pick up the $15 "rotary saw" attachment (turns the Dremel into a RotoZip-type tool). It has a depth gauge and guide just like the router attachment has. :)
No problem. Been there, done that! ;)

Remember to wear a respirator or *good* particle mask! Dremels will eat through fiberglass quickly, producing LOTS of dust! *cough* :)
No problem. Been there, done that! ;)

Remember to wear a respirator or *good* particle mask! Dremels will eat through fiberglass quickly, producing LOTS of dust! *cough* :)

You know thats kind of funny, see, when I was working on my BKBT cutting out everything, and sanding, and what not, I considered this the first time (which my girlfriend almost killed over for me not using it later) using air way protection, wrapped an old t-shirt around my face the first day, after that, I just didnt use anything. Stupid? Yes. Anything happen? Nope, and Im proud to say so. I merely aimed the spray from the dremel away from my face as much as possible, and held my breath, but I have healthy, strong lungs, I mean after all, I am a Tuba player.....

(Who wants to break the world record for holding the longest note one day, because I can circular breaht, and havent brought myself to dedicate at least an hour to do it, or have people from Guiness to come down to record it, becuase im too lazy sometimes)
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