Cutting down a DP


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My 97 Don Post helmet got here today... To my great dismay, even though it's smaller than most of the fiberglass helmets I've seen, it's still slightly too large and out of proportion on me (I'm 5'3").

Purely hypothetically at this point, is there anything that can be done to shrink it or cut it apart, cut it down, and re-assemble it? How would I go about getting started on such a project?

Because just one Bounty Hunter is NEVER enough:zam
Even at 5' 3" the don post should work for you. I would go any smaller. Take a picture with the helmet on and post it you'll get other people opinion if you need to go smaller.
Use padding for a hockey or football helmet (found at a sporting goods store)to make it sit on you head properly. Also remember Boba's helmet is alittle big anyway.
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