Cutting armor



I got some sintra today and trace the shapes for the armor but I was wondering what tool to use.:confused Does anyone have any suggestions?
I use an xacto knife to cut sintra. Works great for me. It does take some getting use to. After a while your hand will start to hurt from pressing down. But it is worth it. Just be careful if you use an xacto knife. It is easy to slip while you are cutting so make sure to pay great attention to ware your fingers and other things are.:D
I second the knife. A dremmel is messy and dangerous for cutting sintra.

Rule of thumb with the x-acto knife: score lightly then press hard.

I use a small piece of plywood as a cutting board.
Thanks guys, I almost used a hacksaw.:eek: Thanks to you I won't be laying on the ground tonight near dead from the fumes.:)
I tried using a Dremel with poor results. It's very slow-going and difficult to cut accurate curves and lines. The heat generated by the cutting wheel also melted the Sintra a little bit as it cut.

I also tried using a jigsaw with a wood-cutting blade, but it shook the hell out of the Sintra and and cut a very jagged edge. It also left little bits of plastic all over myself and my work area.

I finally purchased a plastic-cutting blade for my jigsaw over the weekend, and I'll be giving it a try within the next few weeks. Has anyone here tried that yet? If so, any luck?
I figured out a good way to cut it with an X-Acto knife, but you definitely have to have the wood or something underneath it. I finished cutting it and if I knew how would post pics of the raw stuff.
I use a dremel, but be prepared to make a mess if you do! Also, I can't stress it enough, wear eye protection and at least an air filter mask. This stuff throws gritty stuff everywhere.

The only thing worse is using a sanding drum on the dremel on Bonda!
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