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ok. as some of you know. John has just finished those Awsome rubber webleys. Ofcorse I got one myself. I want to replace the rubber flash with my heiland flash. the problem is that the barrel is not hollow. I need to cut the flash to the same length as the rubber one but I dont know how I can get a CLEAN cut around the tube. I DO NOT want to use a haksaw (have had many problems in the past) nor do I want to use a dremmel. I went to Home Depot and the largest pipe cutter they sell is for at most a 1inch. the tube is like 1 and 1/2 inches. anyone know how to solve this delemma? I really want a clean strate cut.:confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused


I bought one of these at Home Depot, they have it hidden in the PVC section of the store.

Large Diameter Tube Cutter
Model T005X

It will cut up to 2 1/8" OD tubing.

Just a thought,but with such a nice replica wouldn't you consider using at least a Heiland flash tube? It would really look better IMHO. You would just need to hone out the inside of the Webley barrel with a dremel and a sanding drum. You of course would need the flexshaft attachment to get in there. I'm sure dremeling out the rubber wouldn't be too tough and would go rather easy.

Again,just a thought....just a little food for thought.

SEnd me your blaster and flash tube and I will cut it for you. The back end of the flash tube should be filled with rubber so it will mate well with the gun.
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