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Hi, Ive been thinking about doing a custom for about a month or so...but I think I aught to finish my boba first...but that doesnt mean I can do some drawings and get some ideas down...

I thought I would get away from the useual chest armour and fuse it and reduce the back armour. I really want a sniper Im gunna have one and I think my right gaunt might have a retractable blade...I quite like that idea...also having on gauntlets some gas/poison/smokescreen relsea things on for close combat situations....anyway let me know what you think....


custom mando back.JPG

custom mando.JPG
Looking good so far, i really like how it looks something similar to what a very hardcore spec ops would fit themselves out in, not much armour means your either moving light, or your so good you dont need it. I guess with Mandos its the later. nice work, hopefully we will see some more of it soon.
These were just some coluor shemes I was playing around with...i ahve put a blank fett up here too so if you wanted to save it and have psp you can magic-wand it paste onto a new image as a new layer and so paint colours on and save then just start again without having alot of faffing....

custom mando1.jpg

custom mando3.jpg


good idea... but the mando ideals seem to be not there. I think you want to show more skin, cool. But what is the mando's type of job? not thinken heavy arms, not thinken sniper...

i don;t knwo what but somethin seems missen... well thats my 2 cents
Well, with so many people from different cultures, there's bound to be those that don't look comepletely Mando, or have armor that look completely Mando. I think it looks great, keep it up!

Though I do suggest long sleeves.
Im just playing with ideas at the mo....still drawing if you have any suggestions tho please not sure how diverse mando culture would be....would the armour be higly prized among citizens or would have been likely that items would be sold off when times were hard or improvments and extras added on when new technolgies or new armour forming was fett did for his bounty hunting...
The advancements are a definite, but Mando are was highly prized. The most expensive sets being made of Mandalorian Iron.

Each armor was customized to each person's personality and like. Boba's was a customized verison of Jango's and Meerel's.

I like your designs.

Please keep the updates coming. And don`t think by any means you have to design your outfit to conform or to fit one idea on how it should look.
Thats what doing a custom is about, its your take on the outfit.

And if other members feel the need to tell you that your outfit should conform to their idea of a Mandalore, then they now have a problem with
the Admin here...and oh yeah...thats me.

Please continue with the updates, I`d love to see what you come up with.

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I like the idea Zoe. I think the more "flesh" idea is good, it's nice to see a custom that is more than just a variant paint scheme.

Custom means just what you want, if it makes sense to you, go with it. If you look at Aurra Sing, she's no Mando but still a bad hunter with plenty of feminine qualities
Im gunna hopefully be modling up some fett chest pieces first ending up with some fibreglass pieces.....I want to look good for celebration europe!! After I have totally finished my fett I will prob start on this....after I know how to fribreglass proply. i can use my old gauntlets as a starting point for them and then I can add bits on take them off etc...
I know some people thought that the armour wasnt mando Ive drawn some more ideas....all have fixed chest plates as I think this would suit women better than loose plates.
3a..I like this one the best really...3b and 9 are ideas based around this one.

let me know what you think....


3a looks good to me, then again it's your custom in the end of the day.. And no matter what anyone say's your going to be the one wearing your creation....
I think your armor is on the right track. The exposed skin does look odd on a Mando to me though. All you really need (besides the chest plates) to make it feminine is a form fitting jumpsuit and vest. You can even play w/ the vest design to imply more skin while still keeping a more armored appearance. That being said, I really do agree w/ Darth Valcar. You need to be happy w/ what you end up w/ after putting all the time and money into it, so make sure your final design is something YOU like. Don't worry what the rest of us think. By the way, I like your third color motif.

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