Custom Helmet - What Next?

Rachel The Fett

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So far, my helmet has four coats of gold paint on the main part and four coats of red-maroon on the visor area. Problem is...I'm not sure where to go from here. I could just finish up with replacing the visor, adding some padding on the inside, and calling it done...but I don't know. I've been considering gold Rub-n-Buff, but even after digging through various threads I'm a bit unclear on how to do that - put two coats on, then clear coat? Or no clear coat? Or...skip Run-n-Buff?
As you can see, I'm rather unsure. :p Oh yeah, and pics are coming...
If you use RNB (which is kind of tricky to use), then you should practice on some scrap pieces painted exactly how your helmet was. If you've already used RNB a lot then you may not have to practice. Putting on two coats is best because the first time you may end up with a lot of uneven spots. The second time you can even it out as needed.
As for a clear coat, I believe it is unnecesary.
Heres a link on RNB where they mention clear coating.

Good luck, i hope this helps

Are you talking about Rub-n-Buff in black to weather it? Or are you thinking of using one of the gold colors of it on your helmet? If it is the gold, then I would definitely test it out on a scrap piece of something to see what the color looks like. I don't recommend clear coating- they don't stick consistently and may dull the finish also.
I'm not qualified to comment on RnB, but as too the rest, it sounds like you already know what to do :) .

Aside from adding "weathering" to your list, it looks like you have it all figured out.
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