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Hey, all.

I'm working on my own bouty hunter character, and I need someone who can do a professional job at vacuforming with ABS. The helmet, which I have designed myself, is sort of a cross between Boba Fett, an Ep. III clonetrooper, and a bit of Boushh. Also, if there's someone who can do costume design, I need a bit of help with the rest of the outfit, as I'm no artist. :p

Email me preferrably, or send me a PM if you can help.

Here is a 1 hour sketch i made last night.. i guess i was kinda inspiered...

hope the scan turned out ok.. i tried turning the contrast up as high as i dared..

and side..:

So.. here's the Dengar amror v 3.2 is like ;)

From the Top:

TK/TC shoulder bells, bicep and left forearm, a modifed chestplate with a "big electronics thing" on chest. the right arm has a gauntlet.

As you can see there is a hydrogenbomb on the back.

The stomach is kinda inspired by the segmented amor of the mandalorians. The goin is mix between the TK armor and mandalorian groinplate.

Mandalorian thigh peices / or TC. The shinguards are Clone but has mandalorian kneedarts mounted on the side.

Slung over the shoulders i a poncho.

But like i said.. this was 1 hr sketch. so a lot of detail is missing and it's pretty rough. But i hope that it inspires you and gives you a few ideas of your own.. the helmet i'll leave to someone else.. i suck at helmets.. :D

Oh.. and this is not copywrited so feel free replicate any ideas



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wow! not bad! ok, here are the changes I'd make: lose the tight butt, the bomb, and the crotch protector. Always thought those protectors looked gay. :p The chest plate should be bigger...oh, and my personal rule: no spandex. <grin> Other than that, though, it's great.

he he he.. i wasn't thinking spandex either... i was thinking more like "mannaquin doll".. just to have the armour peices something to connect to and show their place and functionality.

But if you could post a pic or two on the helmet that would help me make the armor more suited for the helmet.
Oh, hey, I forgot about the actual post. I've only been checking my PM's. As far as who I'm "going with," I think I'm just gonna what you all have got, and pick-and-choose the bits I like best. And I'm afraid I don't know a thing about KOTOR. My computer (the family computer, no less) is like, 6 years old. In human years, with a generation = 25 yrs, and Moore's law at a year and a half, that makes this thing, oh...4 generations, which is 100 computer-years. <grin> Anyhow, all that means is that KOTOR is extremely unlikely to even remotely work on this thing. (anyone wanna donate $1K for a nice new computer for the Lyon family? No? $500? Buggerit.)

I have a helmet design of my own already, but I've decided I'd like to see what ya'll can come up with. So...I'd like it to have plenty of space in the mouth for a small amp for the voice modulator, and some space for the modulator chip, maybe in the back at the bottom, or something. My favorite SW helmet, by the way, is the epIII clone trooper, so that may be some help. Oh, I also like the TIE pilot helmet. Otherwise, feel free to be creative. knock your selves out! Best one gets made! (potentially) :p
I like your idea for the abdominal armour plates, meself.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what Ultimate is concocting.

And, since I forgot on my last post:
Well, I got impatient, so I went and designed it all meself:


What do ya'll think? Any improvements I could make? (In the design, not the drawing skill!)


(BTW, it looks like a kid because I tried to size it according to my frame--i.e. a smallish 17-year-old.)
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cool idea, pics didnt work though, but for custom mandos try hroes, villians and mandalorians. they have a bit for other bounty hunters
yeah, I figured the pic wouldn't work. The URL is here:

It's not supposed to be a mando, though. The armor is the character's own design, although obviously rooted in a Mandalorian/clonetrooper origin.
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