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<font color="#00ffcc">Hey gang,
I am working on a McQuarrie style Fett outfit with many of my own includes to the outfit. What I have been trying to find without success is << white 1/4" edge trim >> to finish off the armor edges of the outfit. ((similar to the auto door guards to prevent nics and bumps on your auto door jam))

<font color="red">More description: comes in long, uncut rolls. Has a channel mold design (ex. -->> U <<-- looks like a U-shape when viewed straight on). This allows the design to fit on the armor snug. Similar to the vinyl, black helmet strip that fits on the TK helmets on the bottom. Only this material does not need to have metal on the inside and is more of a plastic material than a rubber material!!!

<font color="#00ffcc">Usually, automobile trim is considered similar and I have located two companies with the type of stuff that I am looking for but they want orders of huge quantities that would be pointless for me to place.

Another 501st member thought that I should put the word out to the list to see if anyone knows what I am describing and if they may know where to pick up smaller quantities of this WHITE edge trim. It does not have to be exactly 1/4 inch in height.

If anyone knows where to find this, I would be indebted to gaining this information. Please feel free to PM or email me off the list with details.

<font color="#cc6600" size="4">Many thanks in advance!!!


Hey Grendel_Blitz... secol_FETT's suggestions would work well, but it looks like you'd still have to order hundreds of feet at minimum! Way too much trim, unless you're building Mandalorian army. :)

I would start by contacting a few local auto body shops, since they'd have to carry this stuff in bulk and in a variety of basic colors. I would imagine that at least one of them would be willing to sell you a few feet at a reasonable price... especially for WHITE. Let me know if you have any success!
<font color="#00ffcc">Joren FETT and <font color="#00ffcc">secol_FETT. You two rock. Thanks for a quick response.

secol_FETT ~ I did contact the first of those links and they demand a large quantity order.
The second look to be the same.

(If only I COULD build a <font color="red">Mandalorian Army...) ;)

I appreciate the links though. Mucho!!!

Joren FETT ~ I will try your idea. It make sense and obviously my brain has not been turned on to think about things like that. ---->>>> <font color="#999900">UUhhhhhh-hu-hu-hu-hu.....

Thanks a <font color="green">million for the advice folks.

Be good out there in the really-real world.


sorry for that pal :eek:
i just make a search and put the links :D
mmm try search on flea markets... maybe you can find some stuff there and cheap ...

i try to search another source ;) and if i found a good deal i tell ya :)
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