Curious on how you attach armor to flak vest?


So if I buy a bm vest and armor, how is it attached? And when you walk around does it move with you? Is it a sturdy fit?

I have worn a full armored military flak jacket with fatigues and it was heavy, I am wondering if a full mando armor costume is similiar. I figure it will be much lighter but how much...
My armor is attached with mainly velcro. I have a snap or two in places that tend to stick out (the upper chest armor center "prongs"). I have never had a problem except the sticky back velcro coming off the armor. I simply glued it back down with liquid nail though. The velcro on my vest is sewn on and is very strong. I spent 5 hours in a crowded night club last weekend and never lost a single piece.
velcro here aswell...

2 component glue on the armor (very durable) and swen on the vest.
I haven't been to a con yet, but it looks very secure, I really have to put force to it if I want to peel a piece off.
I used around 34 snaps to attach the collar, chest, and shoulder armor to the vest. I used JB Weld to hold the female snaps to the armor. I have fiberglass armor and the weld works very well with the snaps. One downside to snaps is you have to punch holes into the vest and it gets tricky if you
make a mistake(s) like I did.
Heavy Duty Velcro here. Sewn to the vest and stuck to the armor. I had to reinforce some of the armor side, but the rest is hloding over a year now.

I am suiting up this weekend for Big Apple Con in NYC and will try and take pics of the velcro set-up.

Yes I am very interested in this as well. What is better velco or snaps? I have seen as I know all of you have TK409 turtorial on snaps. I just hear alot about the snaps showing. Going with the velcro way.... I mean what brand is the BEST elephant strong velcro out there? For sure will sew the velcro to the vest, but what is the absolute best adhesive to use for the velcro that attaches to the FB chest armor? I think I may use a snap for the middle little center piece of the chest armor I get get worried that may pop off.
How does the knee armor attach best?
Fettist said:
Awesome thanks everyone...can anyone post a pic of there armor and its attaching mechanisms...

Thanks again!


this is my old vest... the new one is similar, but with a bit more velcro, and the velcro is white rather than black. that way if a small bit is exposed, it won't really show up.
I tried the tk409 snap method but found that it was always popping open on me... drove me nuts. I opted for industrial strenght velcro and have been very pleased with the results... no pieces falling off anymore. :)
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